Multi Function Meter Reading Desktop Application

How to use the application

Short Information:
It is the need of time to have an SINGLE APPLICATION which will read data from different make MFM (energy meter). This will make it possible to integrate / upload / save data of different make MFM at single database. To fulfil this need an application by the name PowerLinkV2 has been developed. The data read by PowerLinkV2 from different types of meter get uploaded HOURLY to website (which you are now browsing). This hourly data uploaded can be observed/download from the link This Link

Preparation before downloading:
For installing the software you should have a PC with Windows 7.0 operating system and Net Framework 4.0 installed on the system. Now a days every PC has USB port for communication. MFM meters communicates using RS485 port. Hence you will need USB to RS-485 converter of good quality. On avialabilty of these hardware you can form the COMMUNICATION BUS by connecting different make MFM meters as shown in following figure. This connections can be made by using CAT5/CAT6 internet cable (has 8 cores) by using any 3 cores of the cable. Connect these meters to computer USB via USB to RS 485 converter as shown in following figure.

Installing the Application:
For installing the PowerLinkV2 application you have to down load the file PoweLinkV213.msi. This is windows installer file having small size (1.2MB). Download link is given at the end of this information. Afeter downloading the file execute it by clicking(double/single). While installing the application you will get the message about Unknown Publisher At this stage allow the installer for installing. The application will be get installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. At any time you can Uninstall the application using Add/Remove program.

Using the Application:
After installing the application its shortcut get created on desktop you can run the application by single/double clicking on it. Opening screen of the application will be resembeling to screenshot as shown below where -

Down load  PowerLinkV214.msi   ( For Preview )

For details contact to 7768000222, 8554995003

Additional Information:
This application is developed by using EasyModbus open source library available at Go through license terms. For enthusistic individuals the small sample code as project using MDI form is available here which may prove halpful for using the EasyModbus library by their own way.

Down load Previous version PowerLinkV211.msi   ( Existingly running at two S/S )

Following files will get installed -

Run the application by clicking on PowerLinkV2 shortcut on desktop

Other File Information
EasyModbus.dll Used for connecting to MFM meters on Modbus protocol.
This file is provided by EasyModbus and available at
Mfm.dll Supporting file containing general Mfm definations.
MfmSetup.bin Setup data for all Mfm in this application containing it's ID, Bay ID, Bay Name and other properties required for Modbus data interpretation etc.
To interpriate non standard modbus data types if any using script.
Down load Trial for script control
These are files for operation of local database of SQLite.
For more details visit to
PowerLinkV2.mplx SQLite database file. Extension name 'mplx' is for MSETCL Power Link Local Database File.
For more details visit to

Screenshot of Desktop Application

NOTE: If the internet connection is available to desktop running this application; the MFM data will be uploaded to\EngineersKatta.

For observing uploaded data Click Here