Multi Function Meter Reading Desktop Application

Down load

After downloading the zip file copy it to a folder and unzip

This will create a folder MyMfmSsAppDist containing following files-

Execute the file MyMfmSs.exe

Other File Information
EasyModbus.dll Used for connecting to MFM meters on Modbus protocol. This file is provided by EasyModbus and available on net
Mfm.dll Supporting file containing general Mfm definations.
MfmSetup.bin Setup data for all Mfm in this application containing it's ID, Bay ID, Bay Name and other properties required for Modbus data interpretation etc.
To interpriate non standard modbus data types if any using script.
Down load Trial for script control

Screenshot of Desktop Application

NOTE: If the internet connection is available to desktop running this application; the MFM data will be uploaded to\EngineersKatta.

Link to display uploaded data will be shared soon.